Alpha Ferret Feast
Alpha Ferret Feast
Alpha Ferret Feast

Alpha Ferret Feast

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A carefully formulated premium complete diet, which meets all the nutritionalneeds of working, pet and show ferrets.
Alpha Ferret Feast is the ideal way of feeding ferrets, carefully formulatedas a complete and balanced diet. It contains a high proportion of poultry mealand fish meal, which are known to be some of the best sources of meat protein.
It is easy to feed and does not have the odour of more traditional feedingregimes, containing all the necessary vitamins and minerals that ferrets need toremain healthy and happy.

Should be fed ad lib to ferrets as they have a fast metabolism
When introducing to ferret kits, moisten with warm water until soft and allow to cool before feeding
Remove uneaten moistened food after a few hours and replace it
Gradually introduce kits to dry food after 5 - 6 weeks

Poultry meat meal (min 26%), whole wheat, fish meal (min 15%), wholemaize, poultry fat, prairie meal, brewers yeast, beet pulp, whole linseed,minerals and vitamins, Extract of yucca schidigera with antioxidants BHA andBHT. No artificial colourants or flavours.
Suitable for ferrets only.