MDC Smart Collar Dog and Cat
MDC Smart Collar Dog and Cat
MDC Smart Collar Dog and Cat

MDC Smart Collar Dog and Cat

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The lightweight Smart Collar is an effective barrier to licking at sutures or self-trauma of wounds and is made of flexible (but robust) translucent plastic with neoprene trim on the outer and inner edges. This protects furniture and the owner’s legs while allowing the free movement of the patient’s head and neck so that they can walk, eat, drink and sleep in comfort, helping a quick recovery. Owner compliance is half the battle with E collars, and the Smart Collar comes in a variety of colours – teal green, pink, smoky grey, and transparent, giving the owner plenty of choices. Setting the appropriate size for the patients’ neck is easy with snap studs, and no necessity to attach the Smart Collar to a regular collar. This makes fitting and removing the collar so simple. When no longer required, the collars can be completely recycled by placing the components into the appropriate recycling bins.

Our commitment is to provide our customers with the best product to meet their needs; however, we cannot guarantee 100% wound or site protection in the wide variety of situations, patients, or behaviours encountered. Therefore, it is up to the individual in charge of the patient to monitor the status and make sure the collar is working effectively.

  • Prevents animals from aggravating wounds whilst providing maximum comfort and mobility.
  • The collar doesn't bang or bash against walls, furniture, kennels or cages. It absorbs noise aiding to a quick recovery
  • Flexible, Lightweight and made from a soft but durable fabric, designed for cats, dogs and other small animals (including rabbits).
  • Ensures Maximum Comfort for the Animal
  • Simple to Use, Fit and is washable too.
  • Size 1 = 16-25cm
  • Size 2 = 25-31cm
  • Size 3 = 31-40cm
  • Size 4 = 40-56cm
  • Size 5 = 56-66cm