Petello Natures Deli Variety Pack (Gluten Free)
Petello Natures Deli Variety Pack (Gluten Free)
Petello Natures Deli Variety Pack (Gluten Free)

Petello Natures Deli Variety Pack (Gluten Free)

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A delicious variety of 100% natural, complete recipes for all adult dogs the Natures Deli Adult Multipack contain nothing more than hypoallergenic, completely natural ingredients providing balanced and tailored nutrition for all dogs between 1 and 7 years of age.

Specially developed to meet the nutritional requirements of adult dogs the Natures Deli Adult Multipack provides four irresistible recipes completely free from wheat, gluten and dairy, helping to minimise allergic reactions and provide complete, hypoallergenic nutrition. Naturally nutritious each recipe contains select ingredients of the highest quality including real meat or fish in every tray. With a delicious taste dogs adore they’re not only packed full of natural flavour, but also contain plenty of wholesome, natural ingredients to provide nourishing goodness for all adult dogs.

Made in the UK with premium quality ingredients in every recipe the Natures Deli Adult Multipack ensures irresistible variety, keeping your dog interested in mealtimes.  Free from all artificial colours, flavours and preservatives they contain no unnecessary fillers or cheap derivatives or meat meals, ensuring your dog gets optimum nutrition with every meal to promote a healthy, happy, active lifestyle.  Containing a minimum of 60% fresh meat or fish, beneficial herbs, brown rice and vegetables enriched with key vitamins and minerals they provide complete nutrition for all adult dogs caring for all aspects of their health to help ensure optimum condition every day and a dog that truly thrives through adult life.

  • 100% natural and complete recipe for dogs
  • Tailored to meet the nutritional needs of all adult dogs, 1-7 years of age
  • Dairy, wheat and gluten free
  • Hypoallergenic recipe, to minimise allergic reactions
  • Naturally nutritious, packed with wholesome and natural ingredients
  • Packed with flavour, with 60% real meat, herbs, brown rice and other natural goodness
  • With added essential vitamins and minerals for health and vitality
  • Available in handy, easy feed 400gm trays
  • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
  • Made in Britain
  • Four recipes per multipack: