Vitakraft Vegetable Stick
Vitakraft Vegetable Stick

Vitakraft Vegetable Stick

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A fan of cute little creatures that hop around the house with their perfectly coloured fur and long nibbling teeth? Rabbits tend to attract everyone towards them with their playful behaviour and their adorable looks. If you too are a big fan of rabbits, then the Vitakraft Vegetable and Beetroot Sticks would be your new go-to friend whenever you want to treat your pets with their favourite rabbit treats! Since your rabbits live away from their natural surroundings, the entire responsibility of their food lands on their owner. We all know that rabbits love carrots, right? However, a lesser-known fact is that rabbits are a fan of beetroot and other leafy vegetables too.

These nibble sticks for rabbits are a form of compound pet food for rabbits, that are baked with love and care in the flavours they love the most-beetroot and vegetables! This rabbit feed tastes completely natural so that the rabbits do not miss eating in their natural habitat while ingesting all the essential nutrients required for their bodily growth.

These sticks are indeed the best rabbit food, owing to their superb taste combinations, valuable vitamin content, and a sugar-free recipe that ensures no harm comes your pet's way. To ease the process further, a practical cage clip is attached with the sticks so that you can easily feed your pet with zero hassle. The cereals, vegetables, and derivatives of vegetable origin, honey and minerals, make this rabbit treat the most healthy rabbit treats available on the market right now!

  • Three times baked nibble sticks for the perfect blend of flavours and nutrients in the diet
  • Keeps the rabbits healthy and energetic all through the day
  • A constant source of nutrients and vitamins required for the rabbit's overall health
  • Sugar-free rabbit treat for keeping the lovely pets away from disease-causing components
  • Keeps the rabbits fully functioning and healthy