Starmark Bento Ball
Starmark Bento Ball
Starmark Bento Ball

Starmark Bento Ball

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The Starmark Everlasting Treat Bento Ball is a hard wearing, near indestructible toy for dogs, available in a range of sizes to suit dogs of all breeds. The Bento Ball can be filled with any treats, snacks, or food your dog enjoys before being capped with a specially designed chicken flavoured Everlasting Treat (one supplied, replacements sold separately), then simply allow your dog to do their best! The surface of the Bento Ball is designed to help keep your dog's teeth clean during playtime
  • Holds a Variety of Treats and Kibble - Use our original domed Everlasting Treats or Everlasting Treats with Dental Ridges in each end. Increase the challenge by adding smaller treats inside
  • Made with Virtually Indestructible Material - Stronger than rubber! Great for powerful chewers. Free of latex, vinyl and phthalates
  • Provides Hours of Challenging Play - Treat ball system encourages play which helps reduce anxiety and boredom behaviours.
  • Additional Features - Dishwasher safe. Great for dental hygiene. Available with original domed Everlasting Treat or Everlasting Treat with Dental Ridges in chicken flavour
  • Groovy ball containing an edible chicken flavoured treat.
  • Additional treats or food can be stuffed into the exterior grooves or inside the toy.
  • Made from virtually indestructible material- stronger than rubber, puncture resistant and great for powerful chewers
  • Encourages play which helps reduce anxiety and boredom behaviours
  • Dishwasher safe.