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Pet Heat Pad With LCD Display
Pet Heat Pad With LCD Display
Pet Heat Pad With LCD Display

Pet Heat Pad With LCD Display

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Valentina Valentti Pet electric heat pad in soft vinyl material, suitable to place under your pets blanket or bed as seen on the picture for lasting warmth. Used by vets and kennels. Not to be used in the water.

Keep your pet warm and use under a light blanket, will cut off if it gets too hot so do not insulate too much. Will maintain a constant heat when used in cooler places like in sheds, kennels, rescue centres or at night when the heating is off.

The pet heat pad is ideal for puppies, dogs, cats, other animals requiring some warmth or animals needing pain relief from aching joints or injuries.


  • Build in thermostat
  • You can leave it on all the time
  • 40cm of armoured cable
  • You can control temperature with LCD display, you can set it up between 25C-55C
  • With fleece cover


Voltage 14 volt

Length of cord: 2m

Round heat pad Diameter: 35cm

Rectangular heat pad: 40cm x 30cm

XXL heat pad: 50cm x 40cm

 Soft Heat plastic Pad