Strikeback Control Kit
Strikeback Control Kit

Strikeback Control Kit

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Fleas are a difficult pest to control, but Strikeback have made it easier! This kit contains appropriate products and a step-by step DVD instruction manual, to enable the user to control fleas without the need to call in a professional pest controller.

The Strikeback Advanced Flea Control Kit provides the user with everything they need to undertake a co-ordinated flea control programme within their home, for optimum results. Kit Contains: Strikeback Insect Killer Fogger Twin Pack, Strikeback Insect Killing Spray 1 litre, Strikeback Natural Insect Killing Powder 300g, Strikeback DVD and User Manual.

Strikeback Super Strength Flea Control Kit provides a step by step flea control program that combines Strikeback Super Strength flea control products and the 'tricks of the trade' to help control fleas around the home.