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Fabric Folding Pet Play Pen

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The base of this playpen has velcro fastening and therefore removable for easy cleaning. As the material is extremely water resistant, these playpens are ideal for indoor as well as outdoor use. Ideal for puppies, if they have a small accident in the playpen, this will not leak through to your carpets making these playpens ideal for your living room. You can either mop up the accident or remove the whole base to wash it. On the other hand, if you put these play pens out in the garden onto wet grass, your puppies will stay happy and dry whilst being able to observe the wildlife in your garden.

All play pens come with their individual carrying case, which means that these are incredibly portable and handy for any dog owner. These are lightweight play pens and all 8 panels fold flat into one small packet due to an extremely flexible and lightweight steel frame.

There are two doors with heavy-duty zips, all playpens come with a zipped mesh top cover, which is removable.

Each of the 8 panels has a strong mesh window, which allows your puppies or dogs to have a clear view out of the playpen and have superb airflow at the same time. The playpen comes complete with 1 side pocket for other accessories you may wish to carry with you, as well as a bottle net for any drinking bottles you have for your dog.There are also four loops on the base of this playpen, which will allow you to stake the pen into grass if you require.