Valentina Valentti Luxe Micro-Velvet Pet Dog Car Seat Protective Cover - Hammock

Valentina Valentti Luxe Hammock

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We often find ourselves taking our dogs with us in the backseat of our car. This dog hammock definitely gives them a more comfortable ride. Its made of luxurious padded micro velvet, quilted design with a sturdy nylon backing and four adjustable headrest straps. Its padded with polyester filling and has 1.5cm thick PE foam on the sides. Your pet will love snuggling in. One of the best features is that it's easy to use when you need it. When you don't, it's easy enough to remove and store. Can also work as a seat cover. Just detach the front straps and let the hammock drop to the floor.The cover is washable. Designed in glamorous UK by VALENTINA VALENTTI Front flap is 57" x 20" Rear flap is 57" x 22" Bottom flap is 57" x 19" Sides are 8" x 18"