Company Of Animals Clix No Bark Dog Collar, Small
Clix No Bark Dog Collar

Clix No Bark Dog Collar

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The CLIX No-Bark collar is designed to stop unwanted barking.The collar features a microphone which detects barking and automatically emits either a sound or vibration to interrupt the dog's barking.The collar has been completely redesigned, not only in terms of aesthetics, but the functionality and software have also been improved. The ergonomic shape is comfortable for the dog to wear and the muted grey colour, has a more subtle appearance. The Collar features the option to use either sound or vibration and has either two or three level settings dependent on the size of collar.The material collar is fully adjustable, for a correct and comfortable fit.

Neck Size:
Small: 24-42cm
Large: 38-74cm

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