Smart Recovery Collar
Smart Recovery Collar

Smart Recovery Collar

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What is the Smart Collar?

Also known as the Elizabethan Style Collar, the Smart Collar is a humane method of preventing animals from aggravating a wound or injury. It is made from a tough, lightweight and translucent plastic, which helps aid visibility and is simple to fit and adjust.

Which size for me?

The Smart Collar comes in 5 dog sizes.

Size 1 fits neck sizes 6-10 inch

Size 2 fits neck sizes 10-12 inch

Size 3 fits neck sizes 12-16 inch

Size 4 fits neck sizes 16-22 inch

Size 5 fits neck sizes 22-26 inch

Please note: this product is supplied in various colours, one will be sent at random. If you would prefer a specific colour please contact us as soon as you have placed your online order.