Hatchwells Granulated Charcoal
Hatchwells Granulated Charcoal

Hatchwells Granulated Charcoal

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Hatchwells Granulated Charcoal combats bad breath, reduces flatulence and aids digestion. Suitable for use in dogs, cats, horses, rabbits and birds. It is a natural product that has an ability to absorb stomach gases and toxins many times it's own weight. It is a safe and effective way to control bodily odours and aid digestion. Sprinkle on animal's food with each meal for the following recommended amounts:

Small dogs - One teaspoon

Medium dogs - One dessert spoon

Large dogs - One tablespoon

Cats and Rabbits - One teaspoon

Horses - Four dessert spoons

Birds - Crush the granules into a fine powder and mix a pinch with the bird's food or mix a small amount of granules with the grit