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Saki-Hikari Turtle Food

Saki-Hikari Turtle Food

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Saki-Hikari Turtle Food includes a probiotic-enhanced nutrient mix with a clean water formation and uniquely balanced odor-stop ingredients.

In other words, it's a lot more than just turtle food. Saki-Hikari Turtle is the world’s most advanced turtle diet from the undisputed leader in species specific nutrition, Hikari. It’s the diet of choice for turtle keepers who hate foul water and the bad smells that are commonplace. 

With uniquely developed odor-stop ingredients which also offer the following benefits:

  • Superior digestibility
  • Increased digestive capacity
  • Active waste decomposition
  • Extremely high feed efficiency
  • Improved immune system support
  • Proper shell development
  • Noticeably better water quality due to waste composition your filter can more readily handle


Sizes available:

Small 45g

Large 200g