TropiClean Tear Stain Remover For Dogs
TropiClean Tear Stain Remover For Dogs

TropiClean Tear Stain Remover For Dogs

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TropiClean Tear Stain Remover cleanses and moisturizes the coat while reducing odors trapped in their beard or wrinkles. This gentle blend is enriched with blueberry, oatmeal and vitamin E to help keep their adorable faces clean and fresh while brightening their coat and gently removing tear stains.

  • GENTLY REMOVES TEAR STAINS - Blueberry helps to brighten their coat and gently remove tear stains when used as directed.
  • MOISTURISES & REFRESHES - Gentle blend replenishes moisture while providing a deep refreshing clean.
  • FRESH SCENT, INVITES CUDDLES - Give your pet a spa day with the lavish smell of blueberries and vanilla that leaves their face smelling fresh and ready for cuddles.
  • ALL SKIN & COAT TYPES - TropiClean Tear Stain Remover is designed to work great for all skin & coat types.
  • NO RINSING REQUIRED - You don't have to worry about washing away spot-on treatments! Our gentle cleanser gives TropiClean shampoos a luxurious lather and unmistakably fresh pets.