Get Off Outdoor Lawn Rescue
Get Off Outdoor Lawn Rescue

Get Off Outdoor Lawn Rescue

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Specially formulated to neutralise the acid in your pet’s urine, GET OFF Outdoor Lawn Rescue performs it’s action directly on the grass. Easy to use, GET OFF Outdoor Lawn rescue comes with a convenient trigger handle, developed to be sprayed generously in the area, leaving the formula to neutralise the urine and convert it into natural salts. An everyday product, GET OFF Outdoor Lawn Rescue requires only a couple of steps to maintain your lawn, while nourishing it and helping to avoid yellow patches. It also nourishes the grass rather than killing the seed when applied.

  • Lawn Rescue helps reduce the appearance of yellow staining - Use GET OFF lawn rescue by simply spraying on affected area straight after your dog or cat has fouled on your lawn. GET OFF Lawn Rescue works by neutralising the acid in the urine or escrement, therefore not burning the grass root and refraining it from turning yellow. the sooner GET OFF Lawn Rsecue is used the sooner more effective it will be.
  • Natural growth promoters and nutrients
  • Non-toxic and 100% biodegradable
  • Keeps your lawn looking fresh and free from any dry patches
  • Get Off Lawn Rescue Spray - 500ml Get Off Lawn Rescue Spray is a unique formulation, specially developed to neutralize the acid damage caused by pet urine to lawns.
  • 1 x 500ml Spray.