Classic For Cats Sisal Cat Scratch Mat

Classic Sisal Scratcher

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This hard wearing scratch mat has a fun paw print border which incorporates a strong fixing ring which canbe used to either hang the mat, or fix to the floor (fixings not supplied); this is a great scratcher suitable for kittens and most cats - either hang, or fix to a flat horizontal surface to suit your cat. In naturally coloured sisal with black and white paw print border, this fun mat will easily fit into most homes; encourage your cat to use the mat to scratch instead of your furniture or carpets. Cats love to claw and scratch and this simple mat will provide hours of fun and help ensure your cat stays fit and healthy. Pet toys should be replaced when they become damaged or worn.

Either hang the mat, or affix to the floor to suit your cat via the strong ring within the border of the mat; fixings not supplied.