Canovel Calcium Tablets
Canovel Calcium Tablets
Canovel Calcium Tablets

Canovel Calcium Tablets

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Canovel calcium tablets contain calcium phosphorus and vitamin D3, which helps to absorb calcium. These tablets are very popular with dog breeders. Available in 60 and 180 tablet sizes.

Calcium is an essential, key mineral in strong bones, teeth and nails. Suitable for cats and dogs, Canovel Calcium Tablets are ideal for supplementing the diets of lactating bitches/queens and puppies/kittens. Rich source of Calcium, Phosphorous and Vitamin D3 for enhanced Calcium absorption. Extensively used in professional breeding.

Provides calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D3 to complement normal balanced rations for dogs and cats.

Growing puppies and kittens, nursing and pregnant bitches and queens need additional calcium to maintain normal growth and health. Vitamin D3 and phosphorus are included to aid the absorption and ultilisation of calcium.

The tablets are exceptionally palatable. They can can be be given by hand, or crumbled and mixed with food.

Tablet contents

  • Calcium - 576mg
  • Phosphorus - 450mg
  • Sodium - 6mg
  • Vitamin D3 - 400IU.

Feeding Guidelines

Dogs (including puppies and bitches)

Under 9kg (20lb) 1/2 tablet daily
Over 9kg (20lb) 1 tablet per 9kg (20lb) bodyweight daily

Giant breeds (Newfoundland, Wolfhound etc) have exceptional requirements and professional advice on their diets should be sought, particularly when their food is home prepared.

Cats- 1/2 tablet daily