Sportspet Tough Bounce Balls For Dogs
Sportspet Tough Bounce Balls For Dogs

Sportspet Tough Bounce Balls For Dogs

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The Sportspet Tough Bounce Ball is part of our flagship bounce range which is real pets favourite, featuring superior quality rubber giving it a super high bounce and long lasting durability. The Sportspet Tough Bounce is slightly larger than the Sportspet High Bounce and is twice the thickness, meaning it's better for dogs with a 'keener bite', and as always great for at home or out and about, and is completely non-toxic too. As a sports company Sportspet fully understand how important an active and healthy lifestyle is. Of course this is equally true for our pets. With a genuine focus on quality, we don't just want our products to be fun, we want them to be safe and durable. This means we pay particular attention to the materials we use. Before becoming part of our range our products are rigorously tested by our pet testing team. We love our products and we hope you and your pets love them too.

  • Balls with Benefits for 4 Paw Friends: This easy to clean dog toy is designed to enhance your dog's exercise ability, improve the response time, slow down eating speed & motivate your dog’s spirit
  • Durable Balls for Resilient Pets: Tough Bounce Dog Balls are made with premium natural rubber. Sign up for Subscribe & Save for an uninterrupted supply of balls for dogs without caring for toy wear out
  • Let the Wet Pet Decide: Pool - Splash - Floating Ball - You & Your Dog - Fun Pack Combo..! SPORTSPET balls will become their favourite toy in no time! They will love fetching, rolling & shaking
  • Dogs Know the Best: SPORTSPET dog balls stimulates the dog’s instinct for an engaging retrieving chase, making these rubber dog balls ideal for exciting games of fetch while improving the agility of your pet
  • What’s inside the box: Three launcher compatible tough bounce balls for added fun as shown in pictures
  • Pack of 3