Yarrah Organic Grain-Free
Yarrah Organic Grain-Free

Yarrah Organic Grain-Free

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Yarrah Organic Grain-Free Dry Cat Food - For Cats that have Difficulty Digesting Grains - Tasty, Grain-Free Kibble with Organic Chicken, MSC Fish, Peas & Nettle - 800gr

Yarrah pet food is a premium organic diet suitable for any dog or cat irrespective of its age or breed. The use of organic ingredients avoids the development of food allergies and problems with the digestive organs. With the exception of snacks for dogs, all Yarrah products are complete meals. This means Yarrah food products contain all the required vitamins, minerals, and amino acids in the correct proportions.

  • CAT FOOD FOR ADULTS: Our nutritious dry food is suitable for all adult cats.
  • PREMIUM ORGANIC QUALITY: With a 100% certified organic product without any harmful ingredients, you not only take care of your cat, but also help us continue to produce environmentally friendly food.
  • FOR HEALTHY BOWEL MOVEMENTS: Our dry cat food can be used as a complete dog food or combined with our dry food and contains 0% artificial fragrances, colours and flavours. Our natural cat food also supports digestion and ensures fullness and well-being.
  • BEST INGREDIENTS: Our love for animals leads us to only use the best ingredients possible, which not only taste delicious, but are also rich in vitamins and minerals that strengthen your four-legged friend's immune system.
  • 800g Pack