Beaphar Multivitamin Paste for Dogs 100g

Beaphar Multivitamin Paste for Dogs 100g

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Beaphar Multi-Vitamin Paste for dogs is a paste with two functions in one tube.

The combination of yellow multi-vitamin and brown Bio-MOS paste helps to support health and digestion.

The multi-vitamin paste contains the vitamins and minerals that your dog needs, as well as L-Carnitine to help with the development of strong, healthy muscles, and to enable the body to burn fat effectively. L-Carnitine cannot be produced by dogs themselves, so should be included in their daily diet.

The natural source of calcium is milk, making the paste easily digestible for your dog.

The Bio-MOS paste contains extra minerals and Bio-MOS that actively stimulates the healthy intestinal flora of your dog.

Recommended for dogs or puppies over 3 months old.