Johnson's Clean 'N' Safe Disinfectant
Johnson's Clean 'N' Safe Disinfectant

Johnson's Clean 'N' Safe Disinfectant

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We all realise how, in todays world, it is so easy to get affected by pollution, harmful germs, bacteria and viruses. When you dont keep your surroundings clean and dirt-free, you are more prone to getting exposed to infections and then, you fall sick. Same goes with our pets, especially birds! Johnsons brings a brand new, improved formula in the form of the Clean n Safe Bird Cage Disinfectant to prevent your loving birds from any infections, diseases or simply, germs.

It is produced with safe elements excluding the use of phenols, which may be harmful to some animals. The solution is provided in a sprayer bottle to make it easy to use and it kills germs, bacteria and viruses on most type of surfaces. You can check the solution for any adverse reactions or a foul smell by first spraying it on some untouched area. Then, when you are sure of its effects and quality, you can use this disinfectant for bird cages to sanitize, clean and deodorise your birds cages, their sitting area, drinkers and feeding bowls and other surfaces around them.

Clean n Safe bird cage cleaner is one of the most versatile and best bird cage cleaners as it can also be used around your house. All you have to do is spray it and wipe the solution off with a piece of cloth. Then you can be sure of this spray taking care of the germs.

  • Product Dimensions: 29 cm (D) x 20 cm (W) x 4.5 cm (H)
  • Disinfects, cleans and deodorises birds cages where they feed, live and sleep
  • Kills bacteria and viruses to protect birds from germs and infections
  • Made with safe elements without the use of phenols to prevent harmful effects on animals
  • Can also be used to clean other surfaces in a birds cage such as the sitting floor and hangers
  • Leaves the area around you fresh and hygienic with a pleasant fragrance