JW Puppy Connects
JW Puppy Connects

JW Puppy Connects

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The JW® Puppy Toy Collection is designed for puppies and their unique needs. More than a toy; we focus on enriching playtime through intelligent designs and creating fun discoveries for puppies as they explore their new world. Keep playtime stimulating and engaging for your puppy with the customizable JW® Puppy Connects! Puppy Connects features three activities in one toy: a durable rope tug; a tough teething ring; and a plastic crinkly ball; all designed to stimulate all of your puppy's senses. Easily customize Puppy Connects with replaceable toys that simply twist in and out of the durable nylon center part of the toy. Keep your puppy entertained with multiple ways to play with JW Puppy Connects.

  • Designed for puppies and their unique needs 
  • Helps enrich playtime, enhances fun and engagement 
  • Customisable meaning so much room for discovery 
  • 3-in-1 activity toy 
  • Replaceable toys with a nylon centre