Webbox Assorted Fresh Meat Chubs Dog Food
Webbox Assorted Fresh Meat Chubs Dog Food

Webbox Assorted Fresh Meat Chubs Dog Food

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The Webbox Story: Like you, they love pets. Webbox enjoy their every quirk and the way they see the world - unlike us, they live completely in the now. A snooze in the sun or a ball to be fetched, every moment is full, and many of them are hilarious. That's what makes pets such a joy. Webbox make toys that surprise and excite, treats that tantalise taste buds and deliciously nutritious food so that all pets have the vitality to play. Webbox look at the world from a pet's point of view so that they can understand what they want, not just what they need, so they can get more joy out of every single moment.

Webbox Chub Rolls are the nation's favourite complementary pet food. Our Chub Rolls are made with 45% fresh meat with added herbs to ensure extra tastiness. The Chub Roll recipe is contains no grain and no wheat and is suitable to be mixed with any complete dry dog food, or fed on it's own as part of a balanced diet. This meal is specifically designed for adult dogs, so pets aged 12 months and over.

The Assorted Multipack means there will be a surprise variety of the four flavours: Chicken, Duck, Beef or Lamb.

- Made with 45% Fresh Meat;
-Grain free recipe;
-Made in the UK;
-Mix with kibble;
-For dogs 1+ years;
-With added herbs;
-For all breed sizes;
- Wheat free recipe.

Suitable for adult dogs aged 1-7 years.