Woofs Cod Cookies Dog Treats
Woofs Cod Cookies Dog Treats

Woofs Cod Cookies Dog Treats

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A complementary pet food supplement for dogs made in the UK from 100% Cod skin, finely crushed, to be used as a ‘sprinkle’ with your normal dog food.

Reasons you'll get a wag with Woofs:

  • Omega 3: Is an essential fatty acid that must be supplied in the diet because it cannot be created by the body. Omega 3 supports healthy vision, joint mobility and can help heal, sore, flaky, damaged or itchy skin.
  • Dental fitness: The rough texture is great for reducing tartar and plaque build-up for healthier teeth, gums and a fresher breath.
  • Low calorie & hypoallergenic: Fish is a great, easily digestible protein source for dogs. Ideal as a snack for overweight dogs who are trying to lose weight or dogs with allergies or intolerances.
  • Immune support: Helps stimulate and strengthen your dog's immune system to quickly and effectively fight infection and reduce inflammation naturally