Lintbells YuCALM Tablets
Lintbells YuCALM Tablets

Lintbells YuCALM Tablets

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YuCALM Dog is a triple-action calming supplement for dogs who are stressed or nervous. The combination of key active ingredients make a tail-wagging difference by supporting natural calming pathways in the brain. It's an effective way to help reduce anxiety or stress and support dogs to become more happy and playful. It is an easy to give, tasty tablet that you feed daily
  • Calming natural supplement in a tablet format
  • Helps to reduce stress, supports calm behaviour and eases anxiety
  • Unique combination of natural GABA and L-Arginine help to maintain the calming pathways in the brain and support relaxation
  • Contains L-Tryptophan which promotes the production of Serotonin - a hormone responsible for happiness
  • From the UK's no.1 veterinary joint supplement brand*
  • Safe, all-natural ingredients
  • At Lintbells, we've helped over 1.5 million pets
  • *Kynetec VetTrak August 2021