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Mikki Pill Gun
Mikki Pill Gun

Mikki Pill Gun

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Specially developed for easily administering medication to your pet the Mikki Pill gun is suitable for use with a range of animals from dogs and cats, puppies and kittens to smaller animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas.

Aiding convenient administration of medication such as worming tablets and capsules the Mikki Pill Gun is a highly durable, simple yet effective reusable design, suitable for regular use. Designed to ensure safe and easy feeding of tablets or medication it does not cause any discomfort to your pet, and simply makes the process of giving medication a whole lot easier for pet parents.  Simply load the syringe with a small amount of water to help your pet swallow, and place the pill in its claws.

  • A convenient oral administration tool for a variety of animals
  • Provides welcomed assistance for giving medication or tablets to your pet
  • Ideal for worming tablets, capsules and prescription medication
  • A simple and easy to use syringe-style design ideal for all pets
  • Specially developed for administering medication
  • Does not cause discomfort to your pet, ensuring quick administration every time
  • Reusable design suitable for regular use

Directions for Use: Load the syringe with a small amount of water (to help your pet swallow) and place the pill in its claws. Hold your pet’s mouth open firmly and deposit the pill at the back of the throat by using the plunger. It may be necessary to hold your pet’s jaws closed and rub the throat area to encourage swallowing.