Superfish Aqua Flow Bio Action
Superfish Aqua Flow Bio Action

Superfish Aqua Flow Bio Action

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The Aqua-Internal XL Bio Filter is suitable of filtering from 100 to 200 litres of aquarium water. This model is an efficient and quiet dual action internal aquarium filter. The compact Aqua-Internal XL filter is ideal for use in all types of cold water and tropical aquariums

  • The 'extra-large' dual action filter cartridges, contained within the filter, consist of the 3 forms of filtration: mechanical, biological and chemical.
  • The fully open structure filter foam provides optimal mechanical filtration and creates a vast bacterial growth area.
  • The chemical filtration section of the cartridge includes Norit ® active carbon to remove organic contamination, chemicals and dyes from the water.
  • Employing the 'Easy-Clean Click System' ensures that filter cleaning and maintenance is very quick and easy- replacement filter cartridges can be changed with little mess or stress.
  • For the best results and water conditions, we recommend replacing the aqua-internal filter cartridge every month.
  • 3 Forms of filtration Sleek Design Compact Internal Filter Ideal for coldwater and tropical aquariums Easy Click System Adjustable Outflow Easily attached to aquarium XL Internal filter For tanks: 100 -200 Litres Flow Rate max: 500 Lph Dimensions: h 22cm x d 8x l 13cm Power. 6.5 Watts