Vitakraft Treat Rollinis
Vitakraft Treat Rollinis
Vitakraft Treat Rollinis

Vitakraft Treat Rollinis

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As cute as small rodents like hamsters look, they can be quite destructive with their little gnashers. They have a habit of scratching and nibbling things, whether paper or cloth. But this is not something that can help support their oral health or fulfil nutritional needs. Only healthy food and a balanced diet can do so, and for that, Vitakraft offers the super-delicious and healthful Vitakraft Hamster Treats.

You can add these treats to your pets regular food to satisfy its nibbling needs and prevent it from scratching your things away. Prepared using premium ingredients, this recipe adds more nutritional value to your little furballs regular food, with an irresistible flavour of dried apples. Your little hamster will come running to the feeding place as soon as you serve these nibbles treats for small animals.

Moreover, they are enriched with sources of protein, healthy fats, and fibres, along with several vitamins and minerals. This composition of macro and micronutrients help promote strong immunity and maintain vitality. Also, you wont have to worry about any adverse effects of the Vitakraft small animal treats on your pets health as they are sugar-free as well as free from artificial additives. Each of these treat balls are triple-baked to lock in the irresistible flavour and made hard enough so they dont break apart while eating

  • Super delicious small animal treats with cereals, seeds, fruits, vegetables, and honey
  • Triple-baked to make them strong and preserve the flavour
  • Enriched with proteins, fibres, and healthy fats for health growth
  • Contain added vitamins like vitamin E to maintain the strength and shine of your pets coat
  • Free from artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives with no antioxidants