Bob Martin Clear Tablets For Small Dogs And Puppies 3 Tablets
Bob Martin Flea Tablets For Small Dogs And Puppies

Bob Martin Flea Tablets For Small Dogs And Puppies

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Bob Martin Flea Tablets for Small Dogs Under 11kg tablets are small, easy to use and a highly effective method of killing fleas. Used as the first line of defence against fleas, the effects are almost immediate and will provide welcome relief from fleas within 24 hours.
The tablet can be given directly or hidden in some food and is suitable for adult cats and dogs, pregnant and suckling mothers as well as puppies from 4 weeks.

Starts killing fleas in 15 minutes
Kills 100 percent of fleas in 24 hours
Easy to use
Highly effective method of killing fleas
Used as a first response to combat fleas
Recommended alongside a course of treatment for your pet and home

Please note that Bob Martin Flea Tablets are only suitable for removing adult fleas that have settled on your pet. With most fleas living in the home, we recommended treating your pets' bed and your home, as well as a form of flea protection, such as a spot on treatment, to prevent another outbreak on your pet.