Ferplast Swing Microchip Cat Flap Door  With Microchip, 22.5 X 16.2 X 25.2 Cm, White

Ferplast Swing Microchip

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Swing Microchip is a cat flap equipped with a fantastic microchip system! Its innovative antenna detects your cat's microchip, its memory button records the microchip code: the flap will magically open when your animal is approaching. Swing Microchip is made from robust plastic, complete with wind-stopper system and 4-way locking system. In the lower part of the flap, there is a last passage direction indicator. Reliable and easy to use, Swing Microchip pet flap is battery operated (batteries not included); a low charge indicator will indicate when batteries have to be replaced. Very versatile, Swing Microchip can detect up to 32 ISO standard microchips, is easy to be installed in many different structures and materials. If your cat does not have a microchip implanted, the flap can be used in combination with the suitable nylon collar with microchip, included in the package