Johnson's Insecticidal Shampoo
Johnson's Insecticidal Shampoo

Johnson's Insecticidal Shampoo

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A mild, non-irritant shampoo.

Contains natural biodegradable pyrethrum extract and kills mites, lice and fleas on rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets etc. over 12 weeks of age. Insecticidal Shampoo now has a pink colour, and as before is mild, non-irritant, and leaves the coat fresh, clean and free from insect pests.

Size: 125 ml

Very small animals e.g, rats etc, you may bathe but treat with great care!

Directions for use: Mix shampoo into 150 ml (1 cupful) of lukewarm water according to size of animal e.g rabbits 20 ml, guinea pigs 10 ml, small rodents 5 ml.

Wet coat with warm water & apply mixture, massaging into the coat, using finger-tips around head.

Avoid eyes, ears, mouth & other sensitive areas. Rinse well with clean warm water & towel dry, especially with long coated breeds, then brush or groom.

Important: Always keep animals warm after bathing. If you house your animal outdoors, ensure coat is completely dry before returning to hutch, etc. Also treat pet bedding, housing etc.

Johnson’s shampoos, grooming aids, and coat and skin preparations are among the most popular products sold by pet stores and all of high quality to be kind and gentle to coat and skin.

As with all Johnson’s products, developed without cruelty to animals. Attractively packaged in 125 ml easy to hold bottles, with one handed flip top caps.