Superfish Pond Air Box
Superfish Pond Air Box
Superfish Pond Air Box

Superfish Pond Air Box

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This complete aeration kit includes an air pump, airline, 1 or more airstones (model dependent) along with a handy box for protection against the elements. Also includes a spare diaphragm.

  • Air pumps are a beneficial addition to any pond as they provide fresh oxygen in the water. The bubbling of the air breaking the water surface keeps ponds healthy in the summer and prevents the surface from freezing over in the witer.
  • The most common cause of fault with pond air pumps is due to being exposed to the full force of natures elements but the Air-Box from Superfish comes with a handy protective box to keep it safe. 
  • The ideal solution for placing an air pump outside, near to the pond, as well as minimising the length of airline required, is the Superfish Air-Box
  • The Superfish Air-Box comprises a complete pond aeration set in a handy, water resistant box, providing protection against rain and water splashes
  • Superfish Air-Boxes are suitable for small and medium sized ponds
  • Air output 600 litres per hour