Toplife Goats Milk For Puppies 200ml

Toplife Goats Milk For Puppies 200ml

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It is a proven fact that milk is an important part of your pups diet. You must always include a good milk formula that is specified for the growth of puppies. But there are too many options which can make choosing the best milk difficult. TopLife, with its wide range of dog treats and puppy milk formulas, makes it easier for you to do so. This TopLife Goats Milk for Puppies is made from goats' milk that is highly digestible for puppies. Its recipe doesn't include any artificial additives, providing your little canine friend with only a delicious treat!

This puppy goat milk formula also contains good amounts of vitamins C and E that support, strengthen, and maintain your puppys immune system as a whole. Also, it contains taurine that promotes strong body and brain functions as well as sharp vision. This milk formula for puppies is a remarkable complement to your puppy's regular meals. It helps complete your pups daily food portions and provides him with a balanced diet every day.

The main feature of this healthy dog treat is that it contains lesser lactose than cows milk, making it similar to a mother dogs milk. So, it is easy for your puppy to adopt and adapt to this TopLife puppy goat milk. It is easy on his stomach while supporting the internal organs effectively. You also wont have to be worried about your dog not drinking enough water in the warm weather. This product will keep your pet hydrated and fulfilled.


  • 100% ethically-sourced goat milk formula for puppies
  • Makes a delicious treat or complement to your puppys regular diet
  • Loaded with vitamins C and E for proper body functioning
  • Contains taurine to support the heart, urinary tract, digestive system, and vision
  • Suitable for all types and sizes of puppies up to 12 months of age